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The Cataumet Club Organization

The Cataumet Club was founded one hundred years ago in the summer of 1915 by four gentlemen residing around Squeteague Harbor who wanted their community to have a closer bond of interest. As today, member families of all ages enjoyed activities around the shore, on tennis courts and at picnics and other social events. From the start there were swimming, sailing and tennis activities for children and in 1949 a camp for club children was formed. For more than 65 years the Club has successfully operated this summer camp, now available to both member and non-member children who enjoy tennis, sailing and swimming lessons, as well as games, crafts and competitions. Rich in tradition, the Club has grown from the initial 10 to 12 families to more than 135, most all of which reside, at least during the summer months, in Cataumet Village.

The Cataumet Club has a long-standing tradition of volunteerism, involvement of young members, fiscal responsibility, enjoyment of sports and fun. Members help maintain the facilities, run the camp, and organize social activities. Our membership includes families of many backgrounds and interests, who together have helped to preserve this very special community in Cataumet for generations to come.